COVID-19 Precautions

Here is a brief rundown of the precautions we will be taking at CoRCon to do our part to prevent the spread:

  • If you are sick or are already fit into quarantine guidelines for your place of work, please stay home.
  • We ask that everyone remains masked at this conference. We know the most recent CDC guidelines say that vaccinated individuals no longer need to mask or socially distance. Since we have first responders and frontline workers coming from more than 100 communities, we think it’s important to keep these communities safe and our frontline workers on the job.
  • Please follow travel protocols for your state and for the state of Kansas. You can check out Kansas’s current travel guidelines here.
  • We are arranging our space to give people options for breakout sessions. Our breakout rooms will have maximum occupancies based on the size of the room to make sure none are overcrowded. Breakout sessions will be divided between smaller and larger rooms to give individuals a choice based on their level of comfort with large group gatherings.
  • Please download the CoRCon Whova app to help us track who attends which breakout session. Attendees will be checked in to each session via the app to assist with contact tracing, should we need it, so we need 100% of attendees to have the app in order to make sure we can contact individuals in the case of a confirmed positive case of COVID-19.
  • Since eating is the highest risk activity at the conference, we will be tracking who sits at which table during mealtimes. This is a precautionary step in case we have a confirmed positive case, so we can contact individuals who ate together. 
  • Our CoRCon Networking Event on Monday night will be hosted outdoors at the venue in an effort to allow for social distancing.

We appreciate everyone’s willingness to work with us to make CoRCon21 a success!

Having trouble accessing the conference app? Email us at [email protected]